Mum furious after being shamed by teachers over her son’s lunchbox because pickles ‘don’t count’ as vegetables

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  • An angry mum has slammed her son’s school on Twitter after they criticised her son’s lunchbox because it didn’t meet the requirements.

    Alicia revealed that her son’s school sent her a letter, claiming that her four-year-old’s lunchbox ‘didn’t contain any fruit or vegetables’.

    In her post, the American mum wrote, ‘This is what our lives as #parents has become. Hard. Too damn hard. Making sure the prescriptive boxes are checked for some government oversight committee. I work hard and put love in his daily sack #lunch. And yes. I am annoyed. #schoollunch He’s only in pre-K!!!!!’

    The attached photo showed a letter that read ‘the circled item was missing from your child’s lunch today’. A teacher had then circled ‘Vegetable (2 veggies (1/4 cup) or veggie and fruit)’.

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    Alicia also added a follow up post, revealing that someone had written ‘Pickles don’t count’ on another note.

    In response to this, she wrote, ‘Today’s All-American Lunch Box Saga has a major debate. That requires a poll of the masses. Is a pickle a vegetable? Does it ‘count’? Guess what. His cut up cucumbers do. 🤦🏻♀️’

    Other users were quick to share their outrage, with some claiming that it was ‘overstepping’ when it came to monitoring school children.

    Frustrated replies even said they’d leave things out just to annoy members of staff at the school.

    One wrote, ‘That’s overstepping for sure. I would start choosing one thing to leave out every day to cause more unnecessary work for them.’

    Another added, ‘OMG! That is crazy.’

    And a third said, ‘Unfathomable that schools actually do this! I also would purposely leave out 1 item each day to drive them nuts. Whatever happened to actually teaching?’

    Alicia has not revealed whether or not the school has responded to this decision, but it’s clear that other parents aren’t happy with the strict lunch policy.

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