Mum sends furious response to couple who invited her to their 'child-free wedding' - can you relate?

Do you agree with her comments?

Weddings are a very important and special day for many.

With a variety of traditions, styles and décor, no two weddings are the same. Unfortunately for one couple though, a certain decision has left a guest furious.

An anonymous poster shared a picture of a defaced invite into a Wedding Shaming Group on Facebook, and she was far from happy about it. Her caption read as follows: ‘Shaming the guest who wrote this s**t. That's a one-way ticket to getting uninvited. I'm not having kids at my wedding if I can avoid it.'


The guest in question was furious at the idea of the couple having a child-free wedding, so sent the invite back with a handwritten note that said: 'Where is the respect when [name covered] is part of the family. He is my family! That’s not respect!

The disgruntled guest had also highlighted part of the invite that stated: ‘With respect, we would like our special day to be an adults only occasion’, claiming that this decision was disrespectful to attendees.

Comments were quick to defend the couple for their decision, with one user calling the guest ‘entitled’ for trying to guilt-trip the bride into making exceptions: 'If you can't find a sitter then don't go. Your kids don't make you entitled to be at a kid-free wedding’

Others shared their own experiences, with one user praising the couple’s decision to make it adults only: 'We said no kids at ours... most of our parent friends were THRILLED to be able to let loose’

Another claimed there was ‘nothing at a wedding for a kid’, by saying: 'I don't really understand people who WANT to bring their kids to weddings... in the time my son has been alive I've been to three weddings and one of them I was in.’

‘Uninvite them!’ Said another user, rather bluntly. 'If they can't respect your day then they don't need to attend.'

With a wave of support for the couple, it seems people from all walks of life are in favour of supporting the couple’s decision to have their day exactly as they want it.

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Lucy Buglass
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