Mum asked partner to have a vasectomy so she can keep her pregnancy weight off

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  • A mum-of-two has made sure she will never struggle with pregnancy weight-gain again after asking her partner to have a vasectomy.

    Mari Nicol revealed how she made the request after piling on six stone in each of her pregnancies, which left her with crippling self-esteem and almost ended her relationship.

    The mum, who shares Bobby, four, and Ivy Rose, two, with partner David Bannatyne, confessed that she ‘hated’ what pregnancy did to her body, revealing she went up to 18st while she was pregnant with her daughter.

    ‘Gaining so much weight in pregnancy ruined my life and I couldn’t face going back there again,’ the 32-year-old told The Sun.

    ‘It was affecting me so much I didn’t want to have sex, even when I’d lost the weight. I was too afraid of falling pregnant and getting fat again.’

    Mari revealed that at one point she felt so low, she asked David to move out of the home they share in Clydebank, West Dumbartonshire.

    ‘I knew it was me. I was so moody all the time, picking arguments and fights. David just couldn’t win. Deep down I hated myself because of my weight and was taking it out on him.’

    But after almost slimming back down to 12st in 2015, Mari was shocked to discover that she was pregnant again, despite being on the pill.

    ‘I was distraught at the thought of gaining all that weight again when I’d only just managed to lose it,’ she added.

    Following the birth of her second child, Mari went back on the Cambridge Weight Plan and went from a size 22 to a size ten in just six months – and was determined to keep her figure.

    She said: ‘I felt I couldn’t cope with going through that again… I couldn’t put my body or mind through it again… I asked if he would consider having a vasectomy, as I felt that was the only way I would ever relax.’

    Luckily for Mari, David agreed to have the operation.

    She added: ‘It might sound extreme but it’s worked for us. I joke that it’s the ultimate diet tip. I’m just so grateful to David for agreeing to have the vasectomy.

    ‘The operation has saved our relationship and my figure and we could not be happier.’