Mum reveals nifty trick to spot if your child has broken a bone

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  • A concerned mum has took to Facebook to share a clever trick about spotting if a child has broken a bone in their face.

    Wendy Wood revealed on Facebook that her four-year-old daughter Grace had a nasty fall on her first day of school.

    When Grace returned home with a badly bruised eye and cheekbone, Wendy was worried that her little girl’s injury may be more than skin-deep.

    After rushing her to hospital, an A&E nurse disclosed how Wendy could check herself if her child had broken a bone in the future.

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    Nifty mum-trick I learned today from a brilliant A&E nurse,’ Wendy wrote on Facebook.

    ‘If you child has bashed their face and you’re worried they may have broken a bone, give them a Haribo to chew.

    ‘If they can’t chew it, get them to A&E sharpish!’

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    The post went viral quickly, with over 2000 shares, and many parents were quick to share their opinions as it racked it around 250 comments.

    The unusual trick using the sweets loved by many kids will be a relief to some parents, but some Facebook users were sceptical after reading the post.

    One comment, who admitted that they had worked in A&E said: ‘If a child genuinely had a facial fracture, I would rather they didn’t eat until they were assessed by a specialist.

    ‘Please let us support you being the parent, let us make the call and save the haribos for after,’ she added.

    Another agreed, saying: ‘Mmmm not quite sure I’d be relying on this.’

    Others, thought it was unachievable given how much their kids loved sweets: ‘You’re joking! She’d chew the hell out of a sweet – broken bone or not! And crawl to get one with a broken leg!’

    Though divided, many parents loved the post and tagged their friends to try out on their accident-prone children.

    With many commenters saying it was a ‘genius idea,’ one mum said it would ‘save her hours’ in the future.

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    Another wrote: ‘I think we could use this info with our clumsy kid!’

    Regardless of if you agree or not, it’s always best to seek advice from a trained medical professional if you are worried about broken bones.