Mum shares clever hack to stop your home smelling like your dog

This hack to stop your home smelling like your dog is so cheap

hack to stop your home smelling like your dog
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A mum has shared a clever hack for dog owners to stop homes smelling like their four-legged friends and it's so cheap and easy.

If you share your home with a pooch then you'll likely have dealt with the classic scent that can come in from a walk or jog with your dog, especially if it's rainy and your canine lays around on soft furnishings like carpets and sofas. 

And with the weather getting colder and wetter, having a smelly pup in the house after walk time could be becoming a more common occurrence than you'd like. 

Luckily, one mum shared a super simple, quick and affordable trick to banish that pesky smell, so you can keep your living space feeling fresh and odour-free. 

hack to stop your home smelling like your dog

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One dog owner took to Mumsnet to share her irritation over her pet greyhound leaving a damp dog smell around her home, penning, "The dog herself doesn't smell. She's a greyhound so not loads of damp/wet fur at all.

"She's bathed frequently. Had a good bath only two days ago with Aloe Vera dog shampoo and smells nice," the poster continued. 

"However, we have an old carpet in the hall with fairly deep pile and if she lies on it for 10 minutes the carpet smells. I have a bissel thingy so can shampoo the carpet and it then smells OK. Two hours later she's on the carpet again and it smells."

Another user responded offering a seriously easy trick that she says gets rid of the smell and costs pennies—using white vinegar. 

"For airborne smells, try putting bowls of white vinegar in the offending rooms. I use ramekins and put them in the corner of window sills behind the curtains. It's amazing at freshening the air without using chemical smelling cover ups."

Another commenter, agreed, adding, "I think the vinegar as a room freshener is amazing! I'll be interested to hear what others think when they have tried it."

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