Mum warns about dangers of taking food into soft play areas after son suffers anaphylactic reaction

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  • A mum has shared a warning about taking food into soft play areas after her son suffered a severe allergic reaction

    The worried mum took to social media to share her warning with other parents across the country.

    Mum-of-one Mia posted a pair of images on her Facebook page that shows the horrific reaction that her son had after visiting a soft play area.

    ‘Been asked to post on my own profile so people can share,’ she captioned the worrying photos.

    ‘Writing this post to raise awareness!’ she added.

    ‘PLEASE if you go to softplay with your child listen to the signs and don’t let your child take food in there! THE SIGNS ARE THERE FOR A REASON!

    ‘This was my son today,’ she explained, ‘he’s anaphylactic to milk, eggs and peanuts and someone not listening to the signs could have killed him if I didn’t notice fast enough.

    ‘If this even shows one person how bad cross contamination can be it’s worth it to help another allergy baby!

    She added: ‘** EDIT – been informed by someone there’s currently no law regarding the cleaning of balls in a soft play – shocking!!’

    The post has since received over 100 likes and has made its way around Facebook since being shared nearly five and a half thousand times after it was uploaded on Saturday evening.

    Facebook users commented on the warning, expressing their anger at the circumstances that led to the incident and wishing little Elijah all the best in his recovery.

    ‘Omg that must have been so scary for you! Hope he’s okay now! Xx’, wrote one, while another echoed: ‘how scary for you all. Hope he’s on the mend soon xxx’

    ‘Oh my goodness,’ commented another. ‘Thank goodness you spotted him! Boils my blood when see kids walking round with food and drinks xx’

    ‘I get so angry seeing children with food in soft play,’ added another, ‘well done on such quick reactions. I hope he has a quick recovery X’