Traumatised mother issues serious warning to parents after her baby daughter almost choked to death on a rattle

So frightening!
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  • A terrified mother has issued a stark warning to fellow parents after her baby nearly choked to death on a toy rattle.

    Australian mum Jessica Stewart described the harrowing moment her six-month-old daughter Malia got a piece from the rattling toy lion lodged in her throat, dubbing it the ‘scariest’ thing she’d ever seen.

    Jessica penned the story of the horrific situation on Facebook, explaining that she had simply turned away from Malia to do the washing up in the kitchen, while she sat in her high chair playing with her soft lion rattle.

    While her mother’s back was turned, the tiny tot managed to get a part of the toy lodged in her throat.

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    Jessica only became away of the emergency when she heard Malia making a strange noise and turned around to see.

    Her face was red, her eyes were popping out of her head,’ she relayed on social media.

    I snatched it off her threw it on the floor and picked her up.

    She vomited all over me straight away and was completely fine. I was bawling my eyes out as it was the scariest thing I have ever seen.’

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    Admitting she had no idea babies could choke on soft toys like her soft lion, Jessica told Kidspot, “She managed to shove the whole end in her mouth and it got stuck.

    “She still had a hold of it but obviously didn’t work out how to pull it out or how to breathe through her nose.

    “I’m so glad she was in the kitchen with me and not in the next room on her play mat,” she continued.

    Dubbing the nasty accident “pure bad luck and timing”, the distressed mum begged other parents not to leave babies and young children alone for a “split second”, emphasising how easy it is for babies to choke on objects in a matter of moments.