Mum issues warning after her son burns himself with a hot drink and explains exactly what to do if it happens to your child

A mother has issued a stern warning to parents after her child was almost scarred for life after being burned by a cup of tea.

Baby burns

A mother has issued a stern warning to parents after her child was almost scarred for life after being burned by a cup of tea.

Suzie Fogarty shared an emotional Facebook post after her 16-month-old son Jake spilled hot water on his face, neck and chest after reaching over and pulling a freshly made cup of tea off a table.

Sharing images of the young boy and his injuries, Suzie said: 'This is the effect hot water has on a child. They aren't like adults, their skin is so much more delicate. This tea was on Jakes skin for just a few seconds and look at the damage it has done! Jake has had three weeks of treatment at the Broomfield Children’s Burns Unit on his face, neck & chest. He has been absolutely amazing and our little hero.'

She then advised other parents on what to do should they ever find themselves in the same situation, stressing that 'the quicker you act, the more chance you have of saving your child from a more severe permanent injury'.

She said: 'Firstly make sure you quickly grab the hot clothing away from their skin if they are wearing some to stop the burn spreading & getting deeper.

'Get them in a sink and put the burns under cool water for 15mins as quick as possible.

'Don't use an outdoor tap as if the water is too cold it can lead to further burning and send them in to shock.

'Then take them out of the water and put clingfilm on the burns to stop the nerve endings from hurting as this stops the oxygen getting to them and continue to keep the burns cold with wet cold towels on the cling film, but keeping the rest of their body warm with cuddles and anything u can find clothing/blanket wise! This is a good time to give them calpol too to take the edge off it.'

Many sympathised with Suzie while others thanked her for sharing the advice.

Earlier this month, Suzie revealed that Jake is on the mend following the accident in February, and that his face, neck and chest wounds are healing well.

She said: ‘He is so happy to be out of bandages and now has just a big plaster to put up with. He has never been so excited to have a bath tonight, his first in 11 days!’

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