'I'm absolutely appalled' Mum warns other parents about mould in children's lunchboxes

A mum has taken to social media to warn other parents about the scary discovery she made when she was washing her children's lunchboxes.

It's almost back to school season, and with it come packed lunches in lunch boxes. But before you put your children's food in their lunchbox, you might want to check if they have mould in hidden spots.

The scary situation happened to mum Grace Bollen, from Australia, who found a spot of mould while washing her kids' lunchboxes, and then discovered that they were full of mould in a hidden compartment, despite her washing them eeveryday and leaving them out overnight to dry.

Alongside the picture where she shows how mouldy the lunchboxes were, she wrote: 'So today, something in me prompted me to pry open the glue in the kids lunchboxes. I saw a little black spot in the corners while washing. This is what I found.


'I’m absolutely appalled. I feel awful that my children have been eating lunch out of these. The children's lunchboxes have been hand washed each night & left open to dry. Blue lunch box has been used for around 9months. Yellow for about 12months.'

She then added advice for other parents, saying: 'Don’t buy any lunchboxes that you can’t clean ALL the parts. 😢 Feel free to share. Parents need to know!'

Grace also later added on her original post that she contacted the companies, who said they will be working towards rectifying the problem by making the boxes water tight.

'I have been in touch with both the companies. Stuck on you & Lunch box inc & they are working to rectify the problem with the manufacturers & make them water tight. Please check with your supplier if there are any issues with yours.

'Tip: you can hold up the lighter ones to the light & the mould shows through', she added.

According to the NHS, contact with mould can cause respiratory infections, allergies or asthma and also affect the immune system.

Mariana Cerqueira
Lifestyle Editor

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