Heartbroken mum warns parents about water safety after her son drowns in tragic accident

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  • Mum Kailey Holian is raising awareness about water safety after her seven-year-old son, Weston, silently drowned just meters away from where she was standing.

    Kailey took to Facebook to share a heartbreaking post to mark three years since her son, Weston, tragically died after silently drowning in June 2016.

    Kailey’s post explains her horrific story and shares water safety tips with other parents.

    Weston had slipped underwater while in her best friend’s pool and in less than a minute of having her back turned, Kailey was holding her limp son and was trying to resuscitate him using CPR.

    Weston, who had been diagnosed with epilepsy and autism, fell into a coma from lack of oxygen reaching his brain.

    Explaining the traumatic incident, Hailey said: ‘I was standing 3 feet away from my son. He was on the step and I was standing next to him while I was telling the other kids to be safe in the water. How ironic is that?

    ‘In my head, I was close enough to him to “hear” any struggling. I was close enough to feel water splash on me if he were to struggle and splash. But none of that happened because drowning is silent.

    ‘It only took less than a minute. In less than a minute he quietly slipped under and his lungs filled up.

    ‘I did CPR and he threw up the water. I was holding my sweet boy telling him everything was OK while he clung to my chest and cried.

    ‘ He was AWAKE and ALERT when EMS arrived. Our ambulance ride was “precautionary” they sedated and intubated him “as a precaution” but he never woke up.’

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    She continued: ‘We waited for three days for him to wake up, praying for a miracle. I was prepared to wait for the rest of my life. But he had lost all brain function. He would never wake up. Every moms worst nightmare was now my reality.’

    In attempt to warn others of the dangers of drowning, Kailey admits she still doesn’t ‘have all the answers.’

    She said: ‘I thought I did everything right that day. I don’t know that there is any one way to prevent it.’

    Kailey shared several warnings about water safety and the importance of ‘self-saving’ swimming to other parents.

    She highlights that drowning is silent, and don’t wait to hear splashing or yelling from your child.

    Kailey also advises treating water with fear and respect, and not to see it as a toy or park.

    She says that although your child may be able to swim,  parent’s should ensure they have survival swimming lessons to learn how to save themselves if they are ever in an emergency situation.

    In a pledge to other parents, Kailey warns: ‘Please let Weston be your inspiration this summer. Let Weston’s story rattle you to your core so that you don’t wind up with your own story. Don’t ever forget him. Don’t ever forget what happened to him. Let his story save your kids lives.’