Mum’s clever hack will make changing your baby’s nappy easier

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  • A mum blogger has shared a clever trick for changing a baby’s nappy when they are wearing a onesie, and parents are loving it!

    As the weather turns a little colder you’re probably already dressing your baby in more layers and switching out rompers for onesies.

    But if your baby likes to wriggle around while you’re changing their nappy (because who has a baby that lies still), you need to give this clever hack a go.

    We’ve all been in that situation where you look past how annoying is it that your baby is squirming around because they look cute and then their clean onesie flails around in their dirty nappy… Suddenly it’s less cute.

    Writing on Facebook, blogger Amy who writes Mama, Eden & Me explained: ‘Life hack! Brought to you by Amy! For stand up bum changes, fasten the vest/onesie thingy at the shoulder. Keeps all of the clothes out of the way of the stinky butt! #genius’.

    The pictures show Amy’s daughter stood up in the baby changing area with her onesie cleverly buttoned over her shoulder and out of the way so that her nappy can be easily changed!

    The post has impressed lots of fellow parents with one exclaiming: ‘how amazing is this! 😂’.

    Another wrote: ‘2 kids and I never thought of this.’

    A third said: ‘Omg! My son is 3 so unless I have another I’ll never use this but it’s amazing!’

    Some parents were already aware of Amy’s trick but were pleased others were learning and offered additional tips fellow parents might want to try when changing their baby’s nappy.

    One person wrote: ‘I do this!! And with my toddler’s t-shirts, I pull it up over his head in the back and he thinks it’s hilarious, so it keeps him occupied!’

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