Mums are loving the £5 B&M product that can keep babies cool in their pram

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  • Keeping a baby cool in warm weather is no easy feat, but there’s one product mums are swearing by – and it’s only £5!

    Sunshine and warm temperatures can cause a problem when you have a young baby, if you can’t find a way to keep them cool and comfortable.

    But turns out there’s one handy product that can make parents’ lives a lot easier – a mini fan you can attach to prams.

    The finding was shared by mum Rebecca Christy on Facebook group Extreme Budgeting and Couponing, alongside a picture of her baby in his pram with the fan.

    She wrote: ‘I’m not sure if anyone has posted this on here but this is the best invention (they may have been out b4 but I’ve only just saw them) a pram fan – cooled my LB down instantly when I put it on the pram . £4.99 in B&M.’

    b&m fan

    Credit: B&M

    Many other parents were quick to comment to say how they also need one, and others who’ve used a similar gadget before also praised it.

    One said: ‘Oh wow they are back! My daughter is 23 nearly and I used this when she was a baby. Best thing ever invented for a pushchair 🙂’.

    Another wrote: ‘I got one similar to this 12 years ago from mothercare. Mine had a plastic guard covering the blades. It worked a treat.’

    A third added: ‘We are on holiday just now and have one of these and it’s been a god send for when my little boy has been having a nap in his pram.’

    A fourth commented: ‘I have one of these when we went away last week best thing ever make sure you have plenty of batteries.’

    As well as prams, others even said they’ve used the mini fans to keep babies cool in their cots.

    For those worried about the safety of the product, the fan’s propellers are made out of a soft foam, which makes it safe for little ones.

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