Your old Pokemon cards could be worth more than £5,000

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  • Pokémon has taken the gaming world by storm ever since it made its debut in Japan in 1995.

    Now a burgeoning franchise including toys, the ever-popular Pokémon app and merchandise including Pokémon cards featuring much loved characters including Pikachu, Charmander and Squirtle.

    And when it comes to the latter trading Pokémon cards has turned from a playground pursuit into a serious money-making business, with some of the rarest cards being sold on e-commerce site eBay for thousands.

    Here are some of the cards that have made the transition from Pokémon to profit.

    1998 Holo Trophy Kangaskhan card – £5,302

    Released during a tournament held in May 1998, this trophy card sold for a whopping £5,302 on eBay, attracting 49 bids.

    It scored a 6.5 out of 10 grading, which denotes the condition the product on offer is in.

    Booster Shadowless Charizard Pokemon Card Holo – £4,100

    Charizard was a bit of a rarity back in the nineties, which is why this character is so highly coveted today.

    Card packs featuring several cards of the same character are among those which fetch the highest prices and with the most expensive one selling for a staggering £4,100 on eBay after attracting 50 bids.

    1998 Pokemon Kamex Mega Battle Trophy Card – £1,510

    Handed out to those who participated in the Kamex Mega Battle competition in Japan (July-August 1998) this card – which was made in a limited batch – was sold on eBay for £1,510 in April, after attracting 45 bids.

    Booster First Edition Shadowless Blastoise Pokemon Card Holo – £840

    Despite being under the £1k mark, this is still an impressive sale. This first edition shadowless card sold in May for £840, clocking up 67 bids, with the fact that it’s a holo version no doubt making it a more exciting fan for Pokémon buffs.

    Would you consider selling your collection of Pokémon cards?