People left baffled by this strange 1950s baby routine

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  • Everyone has their own baby routine to make sure their little one gets everything they need throughout the day.

    And while there may be little variations here and there for different parents and different kids, in general most routines look pretty similar.

    But parents of social media were baffled recently when a baby routine from 70 years ago was shared to Facebook.

    The routine, titled ‘Baby’s Day’ was from a page ripped out from an old parenting book and detailed what a baby’s daily routine should look like between 6am and 11pm.

    After being shared on parenting Facebook group Mum’s Grapevine, the post, which was liked by over 1,000 users, was captioned: ‘Apparently this is how it was done 70 years ago. Two baths a day, orange juice, outside for naps.’

    Parents are advised to feed and change their baby and then ‘hold out’ (over a potty) the child, before leaving in the cot to sleep again.

    Then at approximately 9am to give the baby a drink of water, ‘allow to kick on bed without clothes’ and, in the summer time, to give your baby ‘a daily sunbath’, closely followed by an actual bath half an hour later.

    One stage that left modern-day readers especially baffled was that after feeding and ‘hold[ing] out’ again at 10am parents are told to ‘put [babies] out of doors to sleep’.

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    In the afternoon babies are supposed to be given a drink of water and then be ‘allow[ed] to kick and play. In winter months, this is when parents are advised to give the daily sunbath.

    Parents were confused by bring told to ‘feed’ and ‘hold out’ again at 2pm, before ‘mothering’ their children for the allotted amount of time.

    4pm called for a drink of orange juice, before a 5.30pm bath followed by a 6pm feed and a final ‘hold out’.

    parents baffled 1950s baby routine

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    Parents are then told to put babies to sleep in their cot with lights out, windows open, the door shut and no dummy.

    Facebook users couldn’t believe the advice given, especially when it came to ‘mothering’ and putting the baby outside to sleep.

    They also ridiculed the advice of giving a baby orange juice, saying it was unhealthy for babies.

    Definitely more than a spoonful of sugar in there…

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