Parents ‘livid’ CBeebies bedtime schedule has changed

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  • Cbeebies have made a big change to their bedtime schedule, and some parents are not very happy about it…

    The BBC channel for children under six is known for entertaining kids (and parents too sometimes – hello Tom Hardy) with its bedtime programming, which usually starts at 6pm.

    However, it all changed when they announced that the slot – meant to help children wind down in preparation for bed with gentle and calming programmes – will now start 15 mins earlier, at 5.45pm.

    Some parents protested on Twitter, with one saying: ‘This is going to be the most “mum” thing I ever tweet, but bedtime hour starts at 5.45 now on CBeebies?!?!? I’m lucky if ava has her dinner before 6! What sort of angel child is getting ready for bed at 5.45 and where can I get one???????’

    Another tweeted: ‘#CBeebies bring back bedtime hour to 6pm please!!’

    A third wrote: ‘Can’t believe cbeebies changed the bedtime hour to 5:45 instead of 6, absolutely livid’.

    A fourth added: ‘CBeebies are changing their bedtime to 5.45 what kid goes to bed that early I want one’, while another parent joked: ‘Woah bedtime starts at 5.45 on cbeebies now?! We’ll all still be in rush hour traffic!’

    While the show will still finish at 7pm, the earlier start time is due to an extra show being added to the slot – Moon and Me – and from the reactions on social media, it’s worth the extra 15 mins.

    One parent said: ‘My children are OBSESSED with your new show Moon and Me… It’s brilliant btw, we all love it!’

    In other CBeebies news, TV star Will Young will be the next celebrity featuring on the popular show, reading a bedtime story about same-sex parents on February 9.

    The singer has chosen the book ‘Two Dads’, a story about a boy who is adopted and raised by two fathers, to mark LGBT History Month.

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