This genius pet hair removal gadget has gone viral

Magical! 🐾
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  • Anyone who shares their home with a four legged friend will know how annoying pet hair can be.

    While we wouldn’t trade in our fluffy little animals for the world, having a home where every soft furnishing is coated in a layer of fur can get irritating very quickly.

    If you regularly give your sofas and jumpers a once over with a lint roller or a fistful of sticky tape, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a new tool sending pet owners to fur-removal heaven – and it’s going viral on TikTok.

    Taking to the video sharing platform to spread news of the nifty gadget, poster Julie uploaded a video of her Chom Chom hair remover doing its thing.

    @thisisprobablyaboutacatPretty sure these are voodoo magic ##chomchom ##petsoftiktok♬ original sound – thisisprobablyaboutacat

    “If you do not have a Chom Chom, you should definitely get one.

    “I’m going to show you what it does to my dining room chair,” she told the camera in the snippet, before rubbing the furniture all over and leaving it miraculously fur-free.

    Pretty sure these are voodoo magic,’ she captioned the upload.

    The super clever rollers are available to buy online from Amazon and they’ve got loads of rave reviews.

    I have a moulty cat who likes to lay on beds (and who are we to say no?!) but the hair gets everywhere. We were going through lint rollers so quickly and the mess and waste they produce isn’t great and I got fed up of trying to peel off the layers and the whole job taking forever. Enter this contraption!

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    Oh my goodness, back and forth, back and forth on the bed linen, the velvet chair she has commandeered, even the carpet where she rolls about. It’s all gone!! In an instant,’one happy customer wrote.

    I truly did not buy this expecting it to work as well as it has, I expected it to be mediocre but clear up at least some of the fur my 5 cats leave laying around, it went above and beyond that,’ agreed a second.

    IF YOU HAVE A PET THAT SHEDS GO ON AMAZON AND BUY A CHOM CHOM ROLLER. Yes, TikTok made me buy it but it is SOO worth it. 10/10,’ a third pet owner wrote on Twitter.