Poundland’s heartwarming gesture for autistic child missing their stores

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Poundland have gifted a young super-fan named Harry; a uniform, employee of the month badge and collectable delivery truck.

The money-saving high street store had previously sent the young fan a uniform two years ago when he was only three, and just recently sent him an updated uniform to help him get through the third UK lockdown.

The young boy’s mother, Melanie Lord, described her Poundland-obsessed son Harry as 'wonderfully autistic' in a heartfelt Facebook post that celebrated Poundland’s kind gesture.

Melanie wrote, 'Some may remember my son who is wonderfully autistic, who was gifted his own uniform 2 years ago from head office. His favourite shop is Poundland.

He loves adding my shopping up before covid came along. Well today I was kindly given a brand new uniform for him, an employee of the month badge and a collectible truck from Poundland Lowestoft north quay store.'

Melanie Lord's Poundland - fan son

Credit: Melanie Lord
(Image credit: Melanie Lord Facebook)

Mum, Melanie, discussed on the Poundland Appreciation Society on Facebook that her son was finding it difficult to deal with lockdown and the gesture from Poundland made a huge difference to his happiness during this Pandemic. 

Melanie wrote: “My son is struggling with the news of school closures and it was given to me, to give to him to make him smile and it certainly has done that. He is busy playing shops now with it all, so thank you Poundland

Melanie Lord's son Harry

Credit: Melanie Lord
(Image credit: Melanie Lord Facebook)

Harry’s mother, Melanie Lord, told The Mirror that children are hit hardest by the UK lockdown, particularly when they have autism like her son Harry.

Melanie revealed, 'They [Poundland] are aware of how changes can affect children like Harry and wanted to let him know his favourite shop is thinking of him. They have been brilliant to him and have made him smile when things have been tough. It’s been really heart-warming and shows there is still so much kindness in the world.'

The post on the appreciation site gained a lot of attention and fans of the thrifty supermarket shared their happiness about the store's kindness. 

One fellow Poundland fan commented, 'What a lovely gesture. Sometimes its the small things we do that have the most dramatic impact. Well done Poundland. xx' and another stated, 'This is so sweet, Poundland going the extra mile and making Harry a very happy little boy! He looks so proud to be in his uniform!!'