The bizarre reason pregnant women are turning their toilet seats blue


Pregnant women have noticed their toilets seats were turning blue, and the reason why will blow your mind...

No that’s not a rumour, it’s one of the weirdest symptoms associated with pregnancy, which people haven’t really spoken about until now.

We all know pregnancy can bring about several changes to the body, but women have been turning their toilet seats blue and it’s got mums-to-be talking online.

According to, people on Reddit have revealed their toilet seats are turning blue - with some even jokingly referring to it as 'Smurf butt'. One wrote: ‘Has anyone here turned their toilet seat blue? I just realised last night that our toilet seat is now a lovely blue/purple hue.

‘After some googling, apparently, this is something that happens to pregnant people? Please tell me I'm not alone in this!’

Writing on the Pregnancy Podcast website, another mum said: ‘My husband and I noticed our porcelain toilet seat turning blue on either side a couple of weeks ago and after a Google search learned that this happens to some pregnant women’.

It’s believed that the bizarre change in colour could be due to chromhidrosis.

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Angela Ballard, Registered Nurse with the International Hyperhidrosis Society, told Metro: ‘Chromhidrosis is a disorder of the sweat glands that usually manifests with colored sweat on the face, in the underarms, or on the areola of the breasts (the darker circle of skin around the nipples). Sweat may be yellow, green, blue, brown, or black. The colors are due to a pigment produced in the sweat glands called lipofuscin.’

She continued: ‘Lipofuscin is common in human cells, but for some reason people with chromhidrosis have higher concentrations of lipofuscin or lipofuscin that is in a higher-than-normal state of oxidation.’

If someone has this condition, sweat can react with certain materials and might explain why white toilet seats are suddenly turning blue.

There isn’t a known link between pregnancy and chromhidrosis, but it could be that it occurs when there’s changes in the body.

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