Couple criticised for sticker chart 'rewarding' dad for doing chores


Getting the entire household to do their fair share of chores can be stressful, with some parents choosing to reward children for doing their chores well.

But have you ever heard of a rewards chart for a grown man? For one couple, that’s exactly what they’ve done to ensure the man of the house gets stuff done.

A Twitter user shared a photograph of the chart after coming across it online, which outlines what she gives her husband when he’s done enough chores. Rewards are a lot more adult in nature here, ranging from a 12 pack of beer to ‘not going to some annoying kid’s birthday party’.

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There’s even a sex act thrown in there for cleaning up vomit, meaning this sticker chart is definitely not kid-friendly!

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In order to get the rewards, the husband must do each of the chores six times, earning a sticker when it’s complete. When there’s six stickers, his wife must dish out whichever reward corresponds to that task.

Some of the tasks seem basic, such as putting the toilet seat down after using it and washing the dishes, so it’s unsurprising that people on social media were not impressed by the chart.

One user commented on the image, writing: ‘What a miserable marriage.’

Some criticised the maturity of the couple, with one user writing: ‘Are they both 15 years old or something?’ and another agreeing: ‘When your husband is just one extra kid…’

Understandably, some commenters were concerned about the final row, hoping that the children weren’t old enough to ask what a ‘BJ’ was, with one comment saying: ‘I hope these kids aren’t hold enough to read’.

Most people on social were disgusted by the image, thinking that the dad in the situation should co-parent properly and not expect rewards for easy chores.

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