The sad reason Rylan Clark-Neal can’t make TV shows with his mum anymore

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Rylan Clark-Neal has opened up about the heartbreaking reason he and his mum can’t take on anymore TV projects together.

The hilarious Essex born telly star and his mum Linda always receive a great reaction from fans when they appear on Celebrity Gogglebox with each other.

But sadly, the former X-Factor star and his mother are restricted to how much work they can take on in the telly world, because of Linda’s long running health struggles.

Proud mum Linda has lived with inflammatory bowel disease Crohn’s for years, a condition that causes pain, digestive issues and has left her near to her death bed three times.

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“We’ve been offered hundreds of things. We got asked to do a travel show and the chance to go here and go there,” Rylan explained.

“It would be hilarious, but she’s just not well enough to do it.

“Gogglebox is enough for us. She feels comfortable doing that show because we’re just sat in my kitchen.

“It’s the only thing we can do together. We might do it again. If it comes around again, we’d definitely think about it,” the Radio 2 host told the Daily Star.

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Praising his mother for raising him as a single parent and passing on her comedic character to him, the Ready Steady Cook presenter went on, “People understand why I am who I am when they listen to my mum for five minutes.

“I’ll get her on when I’m doing Radio 2 and people will hear her eating a toastie while she’s on the phone, and suddenly everything makes sense.”

Rylan shared a sweet tribute to Linda in honour of Mother’s Day yesterday, taking to social media to urge others to comply with advice that we should be staying away from older and at risk relatives.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there. Awful, but don’t go see them. Use facetime/Skype etc . We can all have a proper Mother’s Day when this is over. Happy Mother’s Day mum,’ he wrote next to a lovely photo of the pair.

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