Stacey Solomon shares a very relatable post about half term stress and parents are loving it

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  • Stacey Solomon has taken to Instagram to post a very relatable post about parenting and the stresses that half-term can bring and her followers love it.

    Stacey Solomon is a very proud mum-of-two and she loves to share her family life on social media.

    One of the reasons Stacey is loved so much by her 1.2 million followers, is because she is unashamedly honest and shows off the good as well as the slightly less glamorous aspects of her life.

    And it seems her latest post has resonated with a lot of parents…

    Taking to Instagram yesterday evening (18 February), Stacey admitted that she was having a pretty rough day of parenting and it was only the first day of half term.

    The caption reads: ‘Totally given up on parenting and it’s only Monday. So much for no games during the week and one at a time play (because there’s no way on this earth I’m moving the TVs into the front room).

    ‘I just don’t have it in me today to argue back haha Feeling like I’ve been stripped of every ounce of energy for no reason at all today and Fortnight, Minecraft and Friends seem to be the only answer. On the upside the boys have never been so happy they can’t believe their luck 😂😂.’

    In the picture you can see Stacey’s feet with her two boys say on fluffy beanbags playing their video games while she is watching Friends.

    The picture quickly amassed lots of likes and now has over 56,000.

    Lots of Stacey’s followers have said they feel exactly the same and reassured the Loose Women panellist that it’s okay to have bad days.

    One person wrote: ‘No judgement here!!’

    Another said: ‘Love this!! I’m with you on this one!! Happy kids = happy mum 😘’.

    A third wrote: ‘***parent winning achievement unlocked !!***🤣 Sometimes we just gotta let ourselves off and our kids think they’ve got the coolest parents ever !! 🥰 Enjoy, recharge and try again tomorrow…or the next day…or next half term 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 💖💙💙’.

    Can you relate to Stacey’s post? How are you finding half-term? Do you have any tips for keeping the kids occupied you’d like to share? Head over to our Facebook page to join the conversation…