Stacey Solomon hits back at critics who shamed her for weaning five-month-old son Rex

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  • Stacey Solomon has hit back at mum-shamers who criticised her for weaning son Rex.

    The Loose Women panellist took to her Instagram page earlier this week to reveal that she has started weaning her five-month-old son Rex.

    Posting a series of adorable snaps of the little one trying out broccoli for the first time, the TV star wrote, ‘🥦 Dinner time 🥦 And so it begins… Our weaning journey has officially started 😬 First stop steamed and blended broccoli.

    ‘I forgot how much fun this is. He absolutely loved playing with the food and his spoon, I’m not sure what he thought about the eating part 😂 his face when he ate it was the funniest thing ever (in the second picture) 😂

    ‘I cant wait to introduce loads of different foods and have him at the dinner table with us. Well done Rexy we love you to the moon and back 🖤 And thank @sr_nutrition for giving me the best advise and for being here on such a special day. 🖤’.

    And while many fans supported the mum-of-three in her decision, there were those who criticised the star for weaning her son at five-months-old.

    So the former X Factor star took to her Instagram stories to justify her decision, hitting back at her critics.

    Uploading a video to “clear up some of the myths” about weaning, the presenter said, “Last time I spoke about weaning, lots of people were concerned about him not being exactly six months yet and I just thought I’d clear up some of the myths.”

    And the TV star even brought in a nutrition expert to back up her decision.

    Charlotte Stirling-Reed went on to explain that Stacey’s decision was a completely safe one, saying, “The recommendation is around six months of age and that’s absolutely fine – Rex is around six months. It’s all about looking out for the signs he is ready.”

    When Stacey asked if Charlotte thought Rex was ready to wean, the expert responded, “Definitely. He can sit up for a little bit, hold up his head and neck steady.

    “He can reach out and get food all by himself. We are good to go.”

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