Stacey Solomon reveals she is moving in with boyfriend Joe Swash

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  • Stacey Solomon has revealed she is taking her relationship with Joe Swash to the next level as the couple are preparing to move into the same home...

    Mum-of-two Stacey often gushes about her boyfriend Joe on social media and while the couple might frequent each other’s homes pretty much everyday, until now they haven’t taken the plunge to move into the same house.

    Stacey currently lives alone with her 10-year-old son Zachary and six-year-old son Leighton. Joe is dad to 11-year-old Harry and although the couple haven’t ruled out the possibility of more children their existing children remain the priority.

    Both Joe and Stacey wanted to make sure that their children felt comfortable with the decision to move into the same house and they’ve had a moving in trial over the last few weeks at Joe’s house while they wait for their home together to be finalised.

    Writing in her column for Fabulous Stacey revealed: ‘We have been working really hard to ensure that all of our children feel happy, comfortable and settled and we are finally in a place where we’re ready to merge.’

    Stacey joked that during her settling in period with Joe she has noticed quite a few of his bad habits…

    She said: ‘He has no idea how to do a weekly shop and what to buy, and he spray tans on a regular basis inside the house, leaving a constant green-brown tinge on all of the surfaces.’

    Stacey also teased that Joe’s diet seems to consist of Super noodles and eggs, he’s terrible at DIY and only manages to wash up his plate after dinner…

    Despite these small alarm bells Stacey says she is still very excited to move in with Joe and that his sweet personality trumps all of these little bugbears.

    She gushed: ‘However, no matter how much these things would bug me if somebody else did them – and they really would send me over the edge – it has rarely scratched the surface.

    ‘I cannot wait for our new chapter to begin and to be able to wake up every morning and lay down every night beside him, all of us together under one roof. My stomach does somersaults every day that edges closer to our moving date.’


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