Stacey Solomon reveals baby Rex set to undergo operation to remove tongue tie after breastfeeding difficulties

stacey solomon reveals rex operation tongue tie
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Stacey Solomon has revealed that baby Rex will need to undergo an operation.

The Loose Women presenter opened up during yesterday’s episode of the daytime talk show about her breastfeeding struggles, making the heartbreaking confession that she wondered if she had “the wrong shaped boobs.”

However, the mum-of-three has now discovered that six-month-old Rex, who she shares with boyfriend Joe Swash, has posterior tongue tie, meaning that he will need to undergo an operation in order to be able to feed properly.

"This third time around I was breastfeeding Rex and I couldn't figure out what I did wrong, I shouldn't say wrong, I mean what’s not working with us.

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"When we weaned him off breast milk he didn't eat, but it turns out that he is tongue tied, so he has a problem with his tongue, so when I try to feed him he gags because he’s not used to food in the back of his throat.

"I thought I didn't have the right shaped boobs, not enough milk, unfortunately it’s so sadly common.

“It meant I couldn't breast feed in the end, but it could have been avoided if I saw a specialist at all."

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Tongue tie means that the strip of skin connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth is shorter than it should be.

While it doesn’t affect some babies, for others it can make it harder to breastfeed as they have less mobility in their tongue.

Stacey said that her youngest son will have to have an operation to correct the tongue tie, so that he can comfortably eat again.

“Because he has struggle to eat he's going to have it cut which will free his tongue so he can eat again,” she told her co-panellists, “it sounds strange but I'm really looking forward to it.”

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