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It pays to plan early for the festive season as this community of Christmas savers prove.

It's known as the most wonderful time of the year. But for a lot of parents, Christmas can be a financially challenging period too - as mums and dads dig deep into their pockets to deliver the toys and expensive electronics that little ones have been so desperately waiting and wishing for. As a result, January can be a particularly penny-pinching month. But what if we told you there was a way of delivering a magical family Christmas - free of financial pressures and the New Year money hangover?

Park is the UK's largest family Christmas savings club, helping families to put money away for the festive day. Community members sign up and save an amount that works for them each week. In return they'll receive gift cards and vouchers to spend in plenty of time for the big day at high street favourites like Primark, M&S, Sports Direct and The Entertainer. Superior to a savings account, Park provides moral support with a network of likeminded savers who guide and prepare you to make the most of your planning for the big day. So if you do one thing this month, get organised and get ahead by signing up to Park, as these two customers turned Park agents did....

Kerry Blackett

Mum-of-four Kerry from Doncaster hasn't looked back since saving with Park over a decade ago:

"If you’re reeling after the seasonal overspend, now is a brilliant time to plan ahead. I joined Park Christmas Savings 11 years ago and it’s taken the worry out of Christmas. Through regular small savings, I’ve been able to buy all my presents without breaking the bank. It felt so good having my finances sorted that I told family and friends."

PARK agent Kerry Blackett

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"I then went from being a customer to an agent, which means I earn commission, too. My customers put aside £10 or £20 a week – more if they can afford it – towards gift cards and vouchers. That means they’ve got a pot of £500 or £1,000 or more to spend on presents, food and drinks.

"Some people say you could save with your bank, but the reality is it’s just too easy to dip into your savings pot. With Park, you’ve got the security of knowing your Christmas money is tucked away out of temptation. 

"I look after a community of around 100 customers now. Most of them have been with me for years and we keep in touch through our own Facebook page. When they get their gift cards in November, I get calls and messages to say thanks – they’re so excited and pleased to be off shopping without the stress. It’s very satisfying to help other people and in 2020, I was thrilled to be named Park’s top UK agent – my prize was a bonus of £1,500, which was an amazing reward for doing something I love."

Wendy McSeveney

40-year-old Wendy from Stafford credits Park with taking the financial stress out of her Christmases:

"When I discovered I could have the Christmas I wanted without breaking the bank, it was brilliant. For the last few years, my three kids have had all their presents, with no stress and no debts. I started out as a customer with Park Christmas Savings, setting aside money for gift cards and vouchers, and I’m now a successful agent. I have over 20 customers – some are family and friends or come to me through word of mouth, so it feels like a community of savers.

PARK agent Wendy McSeveney

Credit: PARK

"I love it because it takes the pressure off Christmas for me and all my customers. I've a full-time job in customer services, so being a Park agent is something I fit into my schedule when I can. I have a Facebook page to keep in touch with all my customers. If anyone’s got any questions, I’ll answer them through voice notes in Messenger – it’s always nice to hear a voice, I think. Sometimes I’ll organise a fun Thunderball where we’ll chip in a couple of pounds and someone will win a £35 jackpot.

"In my first year, I paid in £20,000 worth of orders; in 2020 it was £27,000, and last year it was £30,000. On top of commission, I won a Top Newcomer award last year of £450. That was a lovely surprise – and knowing I’ve helped other people give their families a nice Christmas is a great feeling."

Easy tips for a stress-free Christmas

1. Get a head start

Now is the perfect time to join Park to maximise your savings period. Whilst you can join at any time, it makes sense, the earlier you start the more you'll be able to squirrel away. Every week pays with Park.

2. Budget

Put away what works for you. Sit down with your finances and see what you can realistically put away each week. Even £10 over 38 weeks adds up to a favourable £380. The good news is that Park is completely flexible too. So if your circumstances change, you can reduce or increase the amount you pay. 

You can pay by direct debit, standing order, online, by phone, PayPoint or post. Park also have a mobile app that's handy for transferring over any extra pennies at the end of the month that can make the difference come November.

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3. Get tips from other Park members

Park is more than just a Christmas savings scheme. When you sign up, you're also joining a community of Christmas savers, including those that have been members for years. Tap into their expertise and ask for clever tips and money-saving hacks via your local Park Facebook group.

4. Take advantage of Black Friday

Park customers usually receive their vouchers at the beginning of November - weeks before one of the biggest annual sales events: Black Friday. Savvy shoppers can save themselves £££s by snapping up deals and savings on big name brand products on the day. Making your money stretch just that bit further.

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