Two mothers divide opinion on This Morning over whether teenagers should be allowed to have sex in the family home

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  • This Morning viewers were left divided after two mothers discussed the pros and cons of allowing their teenage children to have sex with their partners in the family home.

    Admitting she allowed her two sons, now aged 17 and 23, to share a bed with their girlfriends once they turned 16, TV personality Lizzie Cundy said she wanted to ‘provide a safe environment’ for her boys to have sex.

    But author Anna-May Mangan revealed she was vehemently against the idea of allowing her four children, aged 26 to 31, to share a bed with their partners under her roof.

    ‘Home is not for the sex drugs and rock and roll aspect of a teenager’s life,’ the author told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

    ‘There was no big debate, they had friends and they were welcome. They were only allowed on the sofa, and we did put bells on the door, as a small deterrent.

    ‘My husband and I did not want them in the house. It is not my job to facilitate their sex life, I sorted out their education.’

    But Lizzie admitted she preferred a more relaxed approach to parenting her children about sex education.

    This Morning

    ‘I just was very welcoming, they are welcome to stay at the house in a safe environment where I can monitor them,’ she said. ‘I don’t want them out and about where I don’t know where they are.’

    However, viewers were left divided over the pairs opposing views, with one tweeting in favour of Anna: ‘If your letting your teen’s girlfriend/boyfriend’s stay over under your roof you are condoning promiscuity.

    ‘Let’s be honest how many of us are still with their first loves. Besides who wants to have sex when your parents are under the same roof.’

    Another joked: ‘I agree with the woman who doesn’t want to wake up with strangers in the house – I’m naked too often for that.’

    But many viewers and fellow parents sided firmly with Lizzie.

    One said: ‘Don’t understand the mentality that you wouldn’t want to encourage your children to have safe sex, which includes being in a safe environment. Saying no will only push teens to make bad decisions.’

    Another added: ‘I agree with this woman I’d rather my daughter was under my roof it’s not the 1900’s anymore, over 16 of course’.

    A third commented: ‘I want my boys to feel comfortable to be able to talk to me about anything and I think me being a parent and trusting them to be sensible will help them to trust me with anything.’

    Which side of the debate do you agree with? Would you let your children’s partner stay over at your house? Let us know in the comments!