Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews open up about sex life and the reality of birth dilation in tell-all new show

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  • Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews’ new TV show has gone down well with viewers, who were left in fits of laughter over the couple’s intimate revelations.

    Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews had a whirlwind 2018. Having started dating in 2016, last year the couple got engaged, married and welcomed their first child together.

    The couple’s new E4 show, originally named Adult(ish) aired last night and has already proved a big hit with viewers.

    During the tell-all first episode the couple discussed everything from who was more infatuated with who when they first started dating, the reality of birth dilation and their sex life before and after baby Theo’s arrival.

    Speaking candidly Vogue joked: ‘Spencer was way more into me than I was him’ while Spencer was adamant that his now wife was ‘infatuated with him’.

    One scene that went down particularly well with viewers was when the couple discussed the reality of giving birth and visually explained dilation.

    The couple mapped out the different stages of dilation all the way from a Cherrio, to a banana slice, a cookie and eventually a bagel.

    Clearly a little taken aback by the visual demonstration Vogue said: ‘Oh my god, that’s huge. That is gross. The baby’s head is bigger than that.’

    The couple’s honesty left people at home in fits of laughter with several people taking to Twitter to share their reactions.

    One person said: ‘Vogue and baby too is making me laugh out loud…’

    Another wrote: ‘‘So far I’m loving Spencer, Vogue and Baby too! They are such a funny couple and so well suited.’

    A third added: ‘Loving the new show – never realised how funny Spencer is; am literally crying… Vogue must have the patience of a saint! Thanks for making Monday night’s great again.’

    Vogue and Spencer weren’t afraid to discuss the intimate details of their relationship either.

    Vogue revealed that the couple had been trying to have more sex after she passed her due date in an effort to trigger the labour.

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    She explained: ‘We’ve been trying to have more sexy times because we’ve heard that helps’ before jokingly adding: ‘It’s not lasting long enough, so the baby doesn’t even realise it’s happened.’

    Spencer replied: ‘I’m good at sex, plain and simple,’ to which Vogue quickly replied: ‘He’s quick and efficient.’

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    Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too continues on E4 on Monday at 9pm