WhatsApp users warned over free beer scam ahead of Fathers' Day

Mobile phone users are being warned about a WhatsApp free beer scam that's doing the rounds.

WhatsApp free beer scam
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A WhatsApp beer scam is circulating on the messaging service platform and mobile phone users have been warned against falling for the trick.

In the run up to Father's Day this Sunday (19th June), families are busy getting their last minute Father's Day 2022 gift ideas (opens in new tab) together to say thank you to the special father, grandfather or like a father figure in their lives.

But when making that purchase, WhatsApp users are warned about a scam that is doing the rounds and dads expecting to receive gifts this weekend are being warned against falling for the scam that might drop into their messaging box.

It's just one of several WhatsApp scams (opens in new tab) that have appeared including a friend in need scam. (opens in new tab)

The scam claims there is a Heineken Beer Father's Day contest 2022 which has 18 bottles of coolers full of Heineken beer up for grabs for your dad.

The official-looking message contains a photo of a crate of the beers and a link to click through to enter the contest and a prompt to share the link with five groups or 20 friends on WhatsApp before continuing to claim the prize.

But users are being warned against opening the link as simply clicking on it would leave themselves at risk of falling victim to a phishing scam and malicious websites that steal your personal information.

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And Heineken has confirmed that such competition is a scam, and it tweeted its reply to warn its customers. It reads, "This is a scam. Thank you for highlighting it to us. Please don't click on links or forward any messages. Many thanks."

And onlinethreatalerts (opens in new tab) which has shared the warning, and users have already admitted they has fallen for the prize trick.

One concerned user wrote, "I answered the questions it said I won the gift of the beers and I passed it on to lots of my friends. I really don't know what to do next,I am normally so good at not clicking into these scams please help"

Another worried WhatsApp scam victim put, "I clicked it as it was sent to me by my friend on WhatsApp- thought it was suss, so closed down and haven’t given any information - anything else I need to do on my phone?"

But it's thought that as long as users did not give them their "banking on other sensitive information" they should be OK.