Woman shares incredible video of ‘accidental' garage birth in emotional social media post

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Liz Lim from Australia has opened up about the ‘accidental’ birth of her son Sunny in a heartfelt Instagram post.

She appeared on a podcast to speak about her birth story, where instinct took over and she gave birth to her son in her garage, instead of in the hospital where she’d expected to.

A video was shared on Australian Birth Stories Instagram, which shows the emergency services staff talking to Liz’s husband, Dan. Alongside this, the Australian Birth Stories Instagram wrote,‘This is Liz @misslizlim who has just given birth to her second son very unexpectedly in her garage.'

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‘You can hear the 000 staff talking to her husband as the ambulance is en route. Liz’s husband was trying desperately to get Liz into the car but she instinctively dropped on all fours, pulled off her dress and went with her body’s natural ejection reflex.’

Liz ended up giving birth in her garage, despite Dan trying to get her into the car so she could get urgent medical attention. She gave in to the body’s natural ejection reflex, which is triggered by extremely high levels of adrenaline.

As a result, this surge triggers strong and rapid contractions which move the baby from the uterus and into the birth canal. This reflex played a huge role in Liz's birth story.

The post continued, ‘Dan caught Sunny’s head and received their son with his hands. After watching numerous birth videos as part of her birth prep, Liz told Dan to pass him up between her legs and he latched on.’

Since the birth, Liz has shared an update to her own Instagram account. She shared an image of her now one month old son, Sunny, and spoke about her experience with breastfeeding to her followers.

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Many people have praised Liz on the Australian Birth Stories Instagram, with one user writing, ‘Can’t wait to listen to this!! Congratulations @misslizlim and Dan!! What a team 💕💕’.

Another added, ‘This is beyond amazing! Brings tears to my eyes. What a team! Welcome Sunny’.

And a third said, ‘Wow ✨ what a superstar!’

Huge congratulations to Liz and Dan on the birth of their son!

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