Woman gives birth on the way to hospital in viral video

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  • A woman from Nevada gave birth on the way to the hospital, and her ten-year-old son recorded the entire thing.

    Rudia Napier, who was already a mum to three, was in early labour and her husband Michael was driving her to the hospital. However, the baby was well on its way at this point, and ended up being born before they arrived.

    The video of the birth went viral on Facebook, with Michael saying ‘Delivering a baby while driving AND with 3 crying kids in the back seat🙆🏽♂️ Can I get a MVP or something! #jesustakethewheel #babygirl #ineedabeer#theregoesmycar’

    Even though she was in labour, Rudia still comforted her kids between screams, telling them that their sister is ‘on the way’. It’s an intense moment for the whole family, as they needed to make sure everyone was safe on the drive to the hospital, especially the newborn.

    With her legs propped up on the dashboard, Rudia gave birth to her daughter, quickly pulling the baby to her chest. We can see the moment the baby’s eyes open, and it’s absolutely heart-warming.

    The new mum is overcome with emotion as she announces the arrival to her three children: ‘You guys got a little sister, we got a baby. She’s so pretty.’

    Michael kept Facebook up to date via a live video later, saying: ‘If I could relive that moment again and use that adrenaline… I can’t even tell you what was going through my mind. It was like someone just slapping you and slapping you and slapping you. But you can’t blink, you have to just keep going.’

    Michael Anthony Addison

    Our 4th! But feels like our first again💕👼🏽 #youdidthat #warrior #truequeen

    The baby’s name is Jolee, with the adorable nickname ‘Infinity Baby’ as she was born in an Infiniti car. Their other children are all J’s too – Jayden, Jai’Ahni, and Jaida.

    ‘This isn’t our first time around the park,’ said Michael. ‘But for baby number four, this was definitely something to remember.’

    Huge congratulations to the family!