The worst baby names of 2019 have been revealed

Would you name your child any of these?!
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  • Naming your child is a big responsibility, and many parents spend months deciding on the perfect fit. Whether it’s something unique or a family tradition, baby names are important.

    But sometimes, there are names that aren’t exactly universally popular. And so now, a list of ‘worst baby names’ of 2019 has been released by

    Ranking both girls and boys names, the parenting website listed 20 baby names that they considered to be ‘the worst’, for a number of reasons.

    In a tounge-in-cheek comment they said, ‘These are the baby names we hope not to see on next year’s most popular list for the sake of both society and your kid’s future first-grade teacher who will have to memorise how to spell it.’

    First up on the list of girls names is ‘Shy’. criticised this personality trait themed name by saying ‘Either this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, or your outspoken daughter is going to be constantly razzed about it.’

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    Next is Mattel, named after the toy manufacturer who makes Barbie dolls, and Cyncere, a misspelling of the word ‘sincere’.

    They then chose white wine-inspired Chardonnay, and Game of Thrones-inspired Khaleesi, after popular TV character Daenerys Targaryen.

    Addressing the name Khaleesi, they joked, ‘Admittedly, Khaleesi used to be on the hot baby name list—but my guess is that there’s a lot of Khaleesi baby name regret going on after that shocking Game of Thrones character turn.’

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    Another misspelled name was ‘Blaykelee’ which ranked above Any (yes ‘Any’, not ‘Amy’!), and Vegas. The latter was judged for subjecting a child to ‘a lifetime of very awkward Vegas-based jokes. Last for girls was Pansy, which is still regarded as a slur towards members of the LGBT community by some, rather than a flower.

    For boys, Kingmessiah ranked highest on the website. This was followed by defunct automaker Yugo, and then, the nickname Cub, which was judged for not being a good long term choice.

    Axis and Manson came next, the latter being particularly controversial as it’s the name of serial killer and cult leader Charles Manson.

    The bizarre choice of Pinches followed, with the website noting that seven sets of parents went with this one, and then ‘Xxayvier’  due to the fact that it’s a misspelling of Xavier.

    Finally Cletus was slammed for southern American stereotypes, Danger for being ‘the next Austin Powers’, and Stylez for sounding like ‘a cheesy 90s boy band’.

    Of course, however, parents are free to name their baby whatever they wish – and if you like any of these names, then it’s entirely your decision!

    But what do you think of the ‘worst’ baby names listed here?

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