Family warn parents of the dangers of drowning after the tragic death of their daughter

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  • A family who lost their little girl in a tragic drowning incident just hours after arriving on holiday have warned other parents to remain vigilant around water, even if their little ones know how to swim.

    Arriving at a rented Spanish villa in August last year to celebrate her grandad’s 60th birthday, it wasn’t long before four-year-old Blossom Iris Kelly made her way into the swimming pool. And although she had been having swimming lessons for 18 months, not being able to tread water cost her her life.

    ‘We went on holiday and were only there a couple of hours when Blossom found a way into the pool,’ distraught dad Chris told local paper The Liverpool Echo. ‘We were quite conscious we had small children with us but she climbed over the fence and must have gotten into trouble.’

    The family revealed their shock at learning how common drowning is for small children, explaining that at the hospital where Blossom tragically passed away a few days after the incident, there was already another child on the ward who had died from drowning – with Chris stressing that it could happen to ‘any child, at any time.’

    ‘I have seen families, people who had lost children, and it just seems this is happening all the time. We joined a Facebook group for drowning support and it just came up every day this was happening somewhere in the world.’

    ‘It really is a common problem but it’s a completely preventable death.’

    Now, a year on, her family feels able to turn their horrific ordeal into something positive for other families.

    Chris continued: ‘Blossom was with us for four years and eight months. We would not let this one little thing, such a small mistake for a child to make, destroy everything else. My wife and I just knew her life could not be so short, we just knew we had to do something for her memory.’

    They’ve have set up Blossom’s Legacy to raise funds to help children learn to swim, and have been vocal on Facebook about the progress of their other two children, Hudson and Darcy.

    Blossom’s mum Vicky added: ‘We are really hoping that Blossom’s Legacy will help us to create something positive out of the most tragic circumstances.’

    ‘We are passionate about making a difference and improving water safety for all. If we can prevent one family from going through the heartache that we have then losing Blossom hasn’t been in vain.’

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