Fans slam Jessica Simpson over pictures of daughter Maxwell posing in a bikini

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  • Jessica Simpson has come under fire for sharing a series of pictures of her daughter Maxwell Drew posing in a bikini.

    Singer and reality star Jessica took to Instagram to share three images of the five-year-old wearing a two-piece swimsuit and a helmet whilst out and about riding her scooter, captioning the collection: ‘Safety first 😂 #MAXIDREW’

    Many of Jessica’s 3.7 million followers were complimentary about the shots, with one writing: ‘Love the sass and fierceness, hope it stays with her’ and another adding ‘OMG her mothers daughter 😂😂😂 she’s just gorgeous’.

    However, others questioned whether or not the photographs were appropriate to be shared online, with some dubbing Maxwell’s poses ‘provocative’ and even ‘sexy’.

    ‘She’s cute but this pic isn’t for public consumption. Just share it with family and close friends. Why give perverts sick ideas about your precious child?’ one asked.

    ‘I think Jessica is pushing her daughter to grow up too fast! Not impressed!,’ a second agreed, whilst a third commented: ‘She seems a bit young for such a sexy pose.’

    ‘Sorry but she is too young to be posing like that, all the time in the world to be a grown up,’ one commenter pointed out, with others suggesting that Maxwell had learned the behaviour from her mother: ‘Would never let my young daughter act like that, but I guess her mother acts the same way so not her fault,’ another said.

    It wasn’t long before Jessica’s fans began to rush to her defence, saying that the they didn’t believe that the images were anything to be concerned about.

    ‘There are so many real problems to get upset about; this really is not one,’ a poster argued. ‘Stop shaming the mother and daughter. She is beautiful and I posed, my daughters posed and my granddaughters posed. It’s play acting. So put all this energy into making our world a safer place.’

    ‘All the negative comments are just haters who have nothing else to do but troll around!’ a second Instagram user wrote. ‘She is a child and at her own house no reason for anyone to shame Jessica cheese people take a chill pill!’


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