‘I’m not going to see my kids grow up’ Terminally ill father of five shares cancer journey in video blogs

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  • A brave dad of five has shared his cancer journey through a series of video blogs, all to make his kids proud.

    Johnnie Meechan was diagnosed with cancer in the 1990s after a malignant tumour in his knee called for four years of intense chemotherapy and eventually an amputated leg.

    After 16 years in remission he has devastatingly been diagnosed with cancer again, a form so aggressive that doctors have ruled out radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery, giving him five years to live.

    Understandably Johnnie has wife Evelyn and their five children at the top of his priorities, and is trying to do something that he feel his kids can be proud of him for.

    That’s why he’s started a series of video blogs, showing the different stages of his cancer and hoping to reach out to other cancer victims and spread awareness too.

    In his first post the 39 year old says, ‘The only thing we can try and do as a family is try and pull something positive out of this f***ing mess. So I’m going to start a journey, a blog, facebook page just saying where I am, who I’m meeting, the kind of treatment I’m going through. All I ask for is keep us in your thoughts, send some love, share the video.’

    Speaking to The Daily Record, Johnnie revealed his hopes for how his kids will react to the videos, ‘I just want my kids to look back and say, “My dad did that. He made some kind of difference”.

    ‘I want to raise awareness while I still have time left. The video blog is my way of letting people know what it’s like to live with a terminal disease. I hope it will be a lasting legacy for my children, something they can be proud of rather than being just their dad who was always ill.’

    Johnnie suffers from a rare neuroendochrine turmour, known as NET, and has been sharing his progress on his Facebook page Johnnie’s Journey.

    Sadly cancer runs in Johnnie’s family, and he lost his father to the disease too, empathising with his children even more.

    ‘I was with my dad when he was told he was terminally ill and it was the worst feeling ever. Now just a few years later, I’m being told that I’m not going to see my kids grow up.

    ‘I was gutted, nothing prepares you for that. I don’t know when my decline will begin but I know I’m living on borrowed time.’

    His first video was posted on 25th September, and the husband and father told the Daily Record how difficult it was for his family, ‘We told the kids first and I had to try and hide my tears. All of my family are amazing and they are dealing with it in their own way. It’s very hard and I don’t think it’s something you come to terms with.’

    Johnnie hopes to continue sharing his message and is thrilled with how many people have seen his videos so far, ‘I never expected my videos would move so many people and I’m overwhelmed with the response. It’s all from the heart and I hope they encourage more people to talk about cancer.’