'She has more followers than me!' Mum explains why she started a fashion-inspired Instagram for her three-year-old

Nancy Aleya has more Instagram followers than her mother

Mum-of-two Fern Weston-Bennett has opened up about creating an Instagram account for her three-year-old daughter.

Fern, who lives with her family in Doncaster, told the Daily Mail that daughter Nancy Aleya has always been drawn to spotlight, adding that she loves showering her with designer outfits to show off on her page.

'Nancy is such a mini fashionista! She got her first designer handbag at age one and she loves to dress up and pose up for the camera,' Fern said to the paper.

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Nancy has her own Instagram account with more than 7,000 followers

'My daughter definitely has more designer handbags and more social media followers than me. Nancy has always loved the limelight and being on stage. So I decided to support that side of Nancy by creating an Instagram profile for her - which just took off after then!

'By no means am I saying that every three-year-old child should have their own Instagram profile but it just works for Nancy and her personality. I want to give the best opportunities and encourage her abilities.'

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The little one is so style savvy her mum often dubs her 'Fancy Nancy'

'Nancy and I love to match our outfits - I have the bigger version of her Louis Vuitton handbag and we'll co-ordinate. It does make my happy and proud when we both look nice together.

'Nancy's designer accessories are definitely an investment - I think that her handbag will always have sentimental value for Nancy and she will treasure it for life.

'And Nancy is a brand rep for local fashion businesses so she gets free clothes and accessories every month. It's a great perk!'

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Fern can spend upwards of £300 on just one of Nancy's outfits

However Fern, who says that she can spend up to £360 on full outfits for her daughter, and treated the tot to her first Louis Vuitton bag at age one, explains Nancy has no idea of the value of her wardrobe, and simply enjoys the items her mum chooses for her.

'Although, I do buy expensive clothes for my children, I don't tell them about it and my kids have no idea what a designer label is. It's just something I like to personally splurge on.

'I've raised my children to know that there are more important things in life than material items and they should be thankful everything they have. We've always made sure to instill on them the value of a healthy lifestyle, good education and being kind to others.'

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Nancy's collection includes several designer handbags, including this Gucci number

Despite the coordinating looks, Fern also says she often skips expensive labels herself, adding that she gets more a 'buzz' from indulging her children.

'I get more enjoyment spending on designer clothes and accessories for my kids than I do on myself,' she reveals.

'I would spend every last penny on my children and not myself. I'm happy to wear High Street whilst my kids wear designer gear.'


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