Women share the very first thing they said after giving birth

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  • Women have been sharing the very first phrase that they uttered after giving birth.

    Parenting website Babble asked their readers to reveal the first thing they said after their baby arrived, and the results varied from expressions of awe to absolute disbelief.

    One mum, named as Jaclyn, repeated, ‘I can’t believe it’s over, I can’t believe it’s over!’ whilst another, named Betsy, concurred, saying ‘Thank goodness he’s out.’

    Some apologised for their language – ‘sorry for saying f*ck!’, exclaimed a mum called Katie. Meanwhile, Liberty apologised to her baby directly for being mad that they were late.

    ‘I’m sorry for being so angry that you made me wait 13 extra days to meet you!’ she said.

    Perhaps the most surprising response came from a mother named Carol, who simply said ‘I can’t wait to have more!’. Even though we loved our babies, we can’t say that we felt the same immediately after giving birth… are you really in a hurry to repeat THAT experience?!

    We were so inspired by the responses that we asked our own readers to share theirs, and you didn’t disappoint – from the truly moving to the truly hilarious! Here are some of our favourites:

    We asked you: ‘Can you remember the first words you said after giving birth?’

    Zoe Champness: ‘Is she ginger? I was desperate for a red head!’

    Catherine Cruz: ‘”Oh my God..Oh my God…..My baby.” That moment was so surreal. 1st time Mama here, he’s most likely going to be my only. I’ll never forget the day I met my son’

    Lisa Griffey: ‘Ultrasound said a girl. When the doctor said it was a boy I said “It can’t be. I brought a dress.”‘

    Sophie Madden: ‘She’s so teeny!’

    Amanda Howell: ‘Holy crap look at his balls!’

    Nicole Bishop: ‘”Awwww Callum!! How you going? Happy birthday” Safe to say I’d taken all of the drugs on offer… ‘

    Sam Lawrence: ‘I had C-section and they put him on my chest. My first words were “get him off i cant breathe!” (he weighed 10lbs!)’

    Jo-anne Horrocks: ‘”What have we got please?” lol’

    Te Auwe Ft Michael: ‘I heard her screaming and I said put her back in!’

    Nina Dawn Jenkins: ‘”Oh my god, is that my baby?!” Said it to both kids’

    Colette Louise Jephcote:: ‘A teary thank you to the midwives’

    Bernie Quinn: ‘Never again’

    Can YOU remember the first thing you said after giving birth? Leave us a comment and share yours!