'Annoying little brat' Mum sparks debate after slamming badly behaved nine-year-old child during playdate

'She keeps just picking my newborn up without asking'

A mum's forum rant has sparked a debate online on how acceptable it is to ban a child's playmate from coming to your house after they've shown disrespectful behaviour.

Forum user Lolathedarkdestroyer started a thread entitled 'To never invite this annoying little brat round again' on Mumsnet, asking other mums for their advice on her daughter's particularly testing pal.

Writing her post as the situation unfurled, the mum explained that her nine-year-old daughter had a friend visiting for dinner but that her difficult behaviour had driven the forum user to 'leave the room' as she's never 'known anything like it'.

The first issue that the mum encountered is how fussy the child's eating habits were, and her open complaints about the food she's being served.

'Dds friend (9) is round for dinner... know she is a fussy f*cker but her mum did tell me she eats anything.

'Cue today Shepard pie, after picking all the peas out of the damn thing she proceeds to sit at the table making super loud ewww, and yuck noises, while moaning she doesn't like it. There are 5 other kids sat round the table.'

Lolathedarkdestroyer continues to detail how the child in question had several demands, including playing with the family's rabbits despite rainy weather and wanting to play on the ipad instead of with the other children.

'She had also completely ignored anything my dd has wanted to do and just buggered off with the other kids, keeps just picking my newborn up without asking, moaning to play on my iPad and get the rabbits out when it's pissing down.'

The list of difficult behaviours caused controversy on the forum, with some mums agreeing that badly behaved children shouldn't be invited to play again, whilst others thought that the mum was being too harsh on a nine year old.

One Mumsnet user said, 'Sounds completely reasonable to not have her again - being rude about the food & grabbing the baby are not acceptable.'

Another suggested that talking to the parents was the best plan of action, 'I know it's potentially awkward, but tell the parents about her rude behaviour. If it was my child I'd want to know so I could do something about it.'

However one forum user suggested that the mum-in-question's own child could be just as bad when visiting other people's houses, 'Sometimes they behave totally different at someone else's house. You might find your dd is similarly behaved at hers.'

Some users were even shocked that the mum had been so open in her thread, wondering if the child's parents might see it, 'Aren't you worried the mum is going to see this post and see you calling her child a brat and a fucker?'

Another added that she thought the discussion was 'mean', 'I'd not invite her round again but calling her an annoying little brat is a bit mean. She's just a 9 year old girl who hasn't got great social skills at the moment.'

Have you ever had a playdate from hell? Or do you think it's unreasonable to judge a child's behaviour when visiting someone else's home? Tell us your experiences in the comment box!


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