'I won't intervene' Gabby Logan explains why she encourages gender fluidity at home

She has two kids

BBC presenter Gabby Logan has opened up about encouraging her children to be gender fluid at home, saying she won't intervene in their interests.

The BBC Sports presenter, who's a mum to 11-year-old twins Lois and Reuben, said she doesn't intervene when it comes to her children's interests and lets them be themselves.

'I encourage gender fluidity at home. I don't try to force my daughter into only being into girly things like clothes and make-up', Gabby told The Sun. 'And I don't try to force my son into only being interested in typically male things either.'

Gabby, who married Scottish rugby player Kenny Logan in 2001, also explained why she likes to encourage gender fluidity at home.

'I think it's so important to let kids do what they want to do and leave them be. Let them make up their own minds about what they wear', Gabby said. 'If my daughter wants to wear an outfit I don't like or have her hair a certain way I won't intervene.'

But even though Gabby says she won't intervene when it comes to some of her children's choices in life, she considers herself to be a 'strict' parent and social media is one thing she won't be allowing until they're older.

Revealing her stance on the matter, Gabby said: 'Our kids understand our decision on phones and they don't have social media accounts.'

'We're fairly strict and we stick to it, we don't waver for an easy life', she told the Express. 'Sometimes that's tough but I think children need boundaries.'

'Our kids haven't got phones yet. Their friends have had phones for a while but that's not what we're doing as a family. It's so easy to get sucked into looking at your phone all the time, it becomes the focal point', she said.

'I want Lois and Reuben to keep communicating with people and not feel as though everything has to be virtual and online.'

The mum-of-two gave birth to the twins in 2005, four years after marrying her husband. She initially struggled with fertility issues and but managed to conceive following IVF treatment.

Gabby isn't the only celeb parent encouraging their offspring to be themselves and leave gender constraints behind.

Singer Adele's son Angelo has previously been spotted at Disneyland wearing a Frozen princess outfit, and Will Smith's son Jaden has also been seen wearing a skirt.


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