Gary Lineker claims homework should be banned because it’s ‘stressful’ for kids

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  • Gary Lineker has said that homework should be banned, as it causes stress on kids and affects family relationships.

    The Match of the Day host spoke to Sport magazine about the issue, saying that students work long and hard enough at school, and homework is an unnecessary add-on which parents end up taking on themselves.

    ‘Homework should be banned. All it does is drive a massive wedge between parents and children because you end up having to do it for them, and it’s stressful,’ said the dad of four.

    ‘They get stressed and they don’t want to do it. They’re at school long enough as it is. Why do you have to come home and do two hours of homework?’

    Gary with sons Angus, Tobias and George at a premiere in 2015

    ‘I don’t think many people probably agree with me. But a lot of parents would, especially if you’ve had four boys.’

    Gary, 56, is dad to George, 24, Harry, 22, Tobias, 20, and Angus, 18, all from his 20-year marriage to Michelle Cockayne which lasted until 2006.

    The subject of schooling has been an issue for the Lineker family in the past, as Gary had a major disagreement with his son’s private school back in 2010.

    After George failed to get the three B-grades he needed to get into a Business Degree at Manchester University, his dad Gary claimed that his prestigious £25k-a-year public school, Charterhouse, had used George as a ‘guinea pig’ to trial out their new Cambridge Pre-U system – an alternative to A-levels.

    Gary and George at a premiere in 2016

    Gary himself said that he wasn’t very preoccupied with grades at school, and that he focused more on football.

    ‘My last report said something along the lines of, ‘He concentrates far too much on football. He’ll never make a living at that’,’ the successful football player told the Independent back in 2010.


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