‘I will do it on my own’ Gemma Collins reveals she will raise a baby alone if she doesn’t meet a partner

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  • Gemma Collins has appeared on Loose Women and opened up about raising a child on her own, saying ‘if I don’t ever meet that man, I will go on to have a baby on my own’.

    The TOWIE star has spoken out recently about her fertility issues, making it clear that she would like to have a child despite not having found a partner to do it with.

    Gemma appeared on Loose Women to talk about her desire to become a mother, insisting that she will happily raise a baby by herself.

    The boutique owner admitted that ideally she would love to meet someone special to have a family with, but won’t let being single hold her back from being a parent.

    ‘I really really hope and I pray every night that I am just going to meet this wonderful person and I am going to fall in love with him.’

    ‘If I don’t ever meet that man, I will go on to have a baby on my own because I do think that I’ve got a love to give to a child and I could give a child a lovely life.’

    ‘As much as I’d love the whole family unit sitting round the table, if it doesn’t happen I will go ahead and do it on my own.’

    ‘Nothing is going to stop me because of that feeling of unfulfillment.’

    Despite experiencing fertility problems, the 36-year-old is trying to stay positive about becoming a mum naturally.

    ‘I’ve got to bring my weight down a little bit but I feel positive and it’s given me something to really concentrate on.’

    The reality TV star has opened up about this issue in an episode of TOWIE before, saying that she’d love to become a mother in the future, but felt that her weight could be holding her back.

    ‘I still haven’t met the love of my life yet. Being the new found woman that I am, I’ve decided to take the route of freezing my eggs,’ she told fellow cast member Charlie King.

    ‘But you know, if you are overweight and you’re trying to have a baby, you’re at a 40 per cent chance, basically. So less than half way. I need to lose weight.’

    Previously on the ITVBe show, Gemma was filmed visiting a fertility doctor to discuss the egg freezing process, and was shocked to find out that she was already at the upper end of the age bracket for the treatment.

    ‘Firstly because I’m worried I’m already going through the menopause; secondly “why haven’t I found the love of my life?”; and thirdly I’m asking “why me”?’ she said to the physician.

    ‘So I think if I can freeze my eggs I’ve got a better chance later on’.

    It’s not the first time Gemma has opened up about her plans to become a parent.

    Speaking during an interview with the Loose Women panel, which she conducted from the back of a taxi after getting stuck in traffic on the way to the studio, she said that she felt ‘unfulfilled’ over not having a child by the age of 36.

    ‘Do I wait for a man or do what I have done and put my eggs on freeze and hope he comes along?’ she questioned. ‘And if not, I can have one anyway.’

    In June 2016, Gemma also spoke about experiencing a miscarriage back in 2012, sadly losing her baby before she even realised she was expecting.

    ‘I woke up with excruciating pains. My mum was like, “You’ve got a bad stomach”, and I’m thinking, “Nah, something’s not right here”,’ she said on the Channel 5 show In Therapy.

    ‘I rang an ambulance. I ended up giving birth on my landing to this four and a half month old baby.’