Fans rally around Giovanna Fletcher after nasty comments left the pregnant star close to tears

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  • Mum-of-two Giovanna Fletcher is pregnant with her third child and posted an emotional confession on her Instagram story after seeing cruel comments online about her weight and appearance.

    Giovanna admitted that she was usually very tolerant of comments about her appearance or weight despite how hurtful and intrusive they are. However, feeling particularly emotional and hormonal some comments tipped her over the edge.

    In her video she said: ‘I was about to sit down and make a quick video for tomorrow for YouTube and then I read some comments online on a video that Tom put up actually. Originally saying stuff about my make up, hair…how I basically look a bit of a state when I’m at home – how dare I! I don’t care if I’m on Instagram looking like me or in videos, this is what I look like.’

    Giovanna continued: ‘And then there were comments about the fact that I look about six months pregnant even though I’m four months pregnant. And debate about my diet and everything and I just thought well I cannot actually be fucked to make a video to be honest.’

    Giovanna and Tom announced they were expecting their third child earlier this month. 

    Welling up the mum-of-two said: ‘I generally let comments like that go over my head but I don’t know why it has got to me but I shall not be wasting my time making a video for tomorrow.

    ‘For the people who think it is okay to comment about people’s weight or appearance. Get a life. We are all grown ups, what the bloody hell are you doing online. And I don’t care; you are not worth my time.

    ‘Anywho I’m tired and emotional and hormonal and that is life. And I have my positive place on the Internet and I shouldn’t let that negativity in. It’s gone, time’s gone.’

    Fans were quick to offer their support to the author and podcast host. Although unable to comment on Giovanna’s Instagram story hundreds commented on a picture she had posted earlier that day of Buddy who had drawn on one of the doors at home.

    One fan said: ‘Your story made me cry, you are beautiful and you really inspire me, I would give anything to be comfortable in my own skin. You are a fantastic role model and bloody gorgeous and real, that’s what I love about you!’

    Another added: ‘Why are people so horrible…big believer in if you can’t say something nice don’t say nothing at all! Keep being you…you are fab xx.’

    Several others said: ‘These people aren’t worth your tears’.