'I feel very lucky' Giovanna Fletcher reveals the sweet reason why she wanted to have a third child

The mum will welcome her third child very soon

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Giovanna Fletcher is currently expecting her third child with husband Tom, and there's a very sweet reason why the mum wanted to make her brood bigger.

Speaking to GoodtoKnow, the expectant mum who announced she was pregnant back in March, revealed that her siblings are the reason she wanted to have three kids.

She said: 'I feel very lucky to have a third child, I'm one of three and my brother and my sister were my childhood.

'It was special because they were there and we used to do everything together so for me siblings are so important and I'm just looking forward to making lots of memories as a family of five.'

While she hasn't disclosed when she's due to give birth, the mum said she's already looking forward to having her first holiday as a family of five to spend some quality time together and switch off.

'I think the family holidays are a massive thing for all of us', she said. 'That's our dedicated time to go away and switch off all the other pressures that are going on in life. Buzz is starting school when the baby first arrives, so our first family holiday will be really important.'

Giovanna is partnering up with Emirates to launch their the airline’s Family Holiday Milestone’s, which have been created to allow parents to mark fun family holiday memories like 'playing with siblings in the hotel pool' and top holiday milestones like 'first flight' or 'first trip to a water park'.

'So many amazing things happen on holiday and it's a nice way to mark the occasion and to mark those firsts. I love the sandcastle one, because I remember the boys' first dip in their feet, first touch of sand and being a little miffed by the texture, they didn't like it', she added.

When opening up about how she feels about becoming a mother-of-three, Giovanna says that having her first one was the hardest transition.

'I actually found going from having one to two a lot calmer. I think zero to one was a lot more shocking because I hadn't experienced it all before.

'If you go see other people's baby, you get a nice cuddle and you give them back and you don't have the sleepless nights or anything like that. So, I think zero to one was quite a shock, whereas one to two was a lot calmer.

'I kind of felt like I knew what I was doing, or at least realised that no one knew what they were doing, and that's a massive part of parenthood. And that's a massive part of parenting, winging your way through it.'

Giovanna Fletcher spoke to GoodtoKnow in partnership with Emirates to celebrate the launch of the airline’s Family Holiday Milestone’s cards #HolidayMilestones.

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