Gran accidentally buys swear-filled book for granddaughter (and it’s HILARIOUS)

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  • A gran has accidentally gifted her six-year-old granddaughter a book that is crammed full of adult swear words.

    Reading is so important for children, it helps to develop their language, communication and speech skills – and the younger you start introducing them to books the better.

    So this gran could be forgiven for giving her granddaughter a book as a gift – but the old adage ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’ should have maybe prompted her to open it first…

    [twitter][/twitter]Mum Tiffany, who is based in the US, shared an anecdote which saw her own mum buying a very adult cartoon book for her daughter.

    According to The Sun, Tiffany also hadn’t bothered to inspect its content, but was alerted when her daughter, while reading it with her dad, exclaimed: ‘I don’t even know what this means.’

    In response, he asked his wife: ‘Did your mom get this as a joke? Is this a serious book?’

    The hardback book is called If Animals Could Talk and apparently was bought from the kids section of American book chain Barnes & Noble. It features cute illustrations of a bear, a crocodile and a blowfish on its cover.

    But a quick flick through the pages reveals that what the animals say is definitely not suitable for a young audience.

    A cartoon kangaroo checks its pouch and exclaims: ‘Where the f*** are my keys’, while a polar bear admits: ‘I think I have a coke problem.’

    [twitter][/twitter]Meanwhile a fluffy yellow chick exclaims: ‘Aight, let’s tear the roof off this mutha f***a!’

    Sharing snaps of the pages on Twitter, Tiffany wrote: ‘I’m dying. My mom bought this book for my six-year-old and I just called to ask if she had actually opened the book. She hadn’t.’

    Tiffany admitted that she was laughing so much that she ‘couldn’t even talk’ when she called to tell her.

    The tweet, which was posted yesterday, notched up more than 34k retweets and 90k likes.

    In response, a fellow Twitter user wrote: ‘OMG please let this be available as an Audible book by Samuel L. Jackson.’

    Another commented: ‘Good thing you took a gander before busting it out with the kids!’ while one simply observed: ‘That’s the best Grandma Foul ever.’

    Once alerted to her error in judgement, the gran posted on her Facebook page that she had learned her lesson: ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover!’