Grandmother accuses daughter of ‘abuse’ for co-sleeping with her son

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  • A single mum has been accused of ‘abusing’ her son

    by her own mother because she chooses to co-sleep with him and continues to breastfeed.

    Taking to the forum Mumsnet, the mum explained the situation and understandably opened up about how the language her own mother was using towards her was causing distress.

    She said: ‘My darling mother has repeatedly called me an abusive parent. She is horrified that I co-sleep with my 11 month old, and thinks he should be in nursery. She said I need to “separate” myself from him and that it’s “abusive” to keep him relying on me.’

    The mother-of-one continues: ‘She was also having a go at me for breastfeeding too much as he was slow weaning, but he eats a lot now. When I get upset when she has a go at me, then she calls me “abusive” again for getting upset in front of the baby.’

    The mum, who works part-time, said that normally her and her baby are happy.

    She wrote: ‘I just don’t know how she can casually use such language. Its really upsetting me.’
    Would you count co-sleeping as ‘abuse’?

    Other mums and parents quickly began to offer their opinion on the situation. One wrote: ‘I’d honestly tell her to back the f*** off. He’s still a baby! Do what you’re doing flowers’.

    Another said: ‘How lucky your little boy is, to have such a natural and instinctive mother who is able to really love and enjoy him despite the dreadful examples set by previous generations. I find your love and confidence in your parent-child relationship genuinely heart-warming.’

    Most of the advice was to cut contact with her mother or at least reduce it drastically. Other users shared similar experiences demonstrating that this mum was not alone in her struggle.

    What do you think of this grandmother’s opinion? Is she being cruel by calling her daughter’s parenting technique abusive? Let us know in the comments section below!