Greg Rutherford’s partner Susie Verrill hits back at criticism of son’s ‘girly’ outfit

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  • Greg Rutherford’s partner Susie Verrill has hit back after Strictly Come Dancing viewers labelled their son’s outfit ‘girly’.

    Little Milo surprised his dad as part of a recent episode of the hit BBC1 dance show. During the heart warming clip, the tot was pictured dancing around the rehearsal studio, with Greg revealing that he ‘loves spinning and getting dizzy’.

    However, many viewers eyes were not on the pair’s moves, but on Milo’s outfit – a long pink jumper printed with trees, a pair of leggings and a bun. Posting online, one said he was ‘dressed in girly clothes’, whilst a second questioned: ‘Why was the child dressed and deliberately made to appear as if he was a girl. Did the mother want a girl? I found the child’s appearance disturbing.’

    Milo’s mum Susie took to her blog, My Milo and Me, to address the comments, in a post entitled ‘I dress my son in girl clothes’.

    She opens the piece by explaining that Milo’s hair is currently in the process of growing out, saying she popped it up in a top knot for ease.

    ‘I expected a lot of criticism for this; I was braced, prepared and in no way bothered. I know a top knot for a little boy is still a bit iffy and of course, well aware it makes my cherub-faced son resemble a girl,’ she wrote.

    ‘The thing that did surprise me though, was the backlash I received for his outfit and the fact I apparently, dress my son “in girl clothes”.’

    Listing just some of the critical remarks the family had faced, she added: ‘I don’t think boys should stick to blue, black, trucks, robots, footballs and monsters. Of course, we do love all that stuff, but so will any future daughter of ours (if we happen to have one).’

    ‘Milo does wear blue, he just didn’t happen to that day. Actually, his boots were blue, bright blue. So there… YOU’VE GOT SOME BLUE, GUYS.’

    My new favourite photo ❤️

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    ‘Fashion when you’re a toddler isn’t your responsibility. Greg and I dress our son so he gets put in the items we choose. Once he’s a little older, he’ll be able to pick clothes out and decide how he wants his hair and all the power to him!’

    ‘If he wants to resemble a mini warrior then that’s his decision, if he wants to wear a tutu then I’m sure he’ll pull it off fantastically.’

    Since publishing the empowering post, Susie has been inundated with supportive comments from fellow viewers and parents.

    ‘Jheeeeez.. some people are never happy unless they’re complaining!’ one wrote. ‘I love how you dress Milo but even if I didn’t, it’s no-one else’s business. All I saw when watching Strictly was a lovely little boy having fun with his dad.’

    Another agreed:’ Glad you are rising above the small mindedness of such idiots, I think he looks adorable!’

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