Hamleys has opened up a Harry Potter wizarding world

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  • World-renowned toy store Hamleys has launched a brand new department dedicated to the boy wizard Harry Potter and the magical world he lives in.

    The Harry Potter area, which is exclusive to the Hamleys on Regent Street, London, takes up 3,000 square feet of the store’s lower ground floor, making it the perfect place to kill some hours with the kids this summer holiday!

    It showcases one of the largest assortments of Harry Potter merchandise in the country. From clothes to toys to quirky accessories, muggles will be spoilt for choice!

    You can even get sorted into one of the four Hogwarts houses, and buy your own sorting hat. Once it’s been decided whether you belong to Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff you can shop by house to deck yourself out in the corresponding merch. Gryffindor or Slytherin school robes after also on offer, or if you want add a bit of fun to bath time you could take home a bath robe instead.

    Shoppers will also get the chance to see a flying golden snitch in action and pose with a life-size Hagrid made out of Lego before  checking out the selection of notebooks, badges, cauldron mugs, jigsaw puzzles, cuddly toys, umbrellas, Hogwarts alumni t-shirts and screen touch Gryffindor gloves (you know, for when Harry had to SOS the group chat).

    Need a tote bag to pack in all your goodies? They have a whole wall of different designs to take your stash home in. Among them are a classic Hogwarts crest, a Hogwarts Express 9 ¾ design, ‘I would rather be at Hogwarts’, and an adorable print of Dobby. All in the Hogwarts colours, of course.

    And if you’re a fan of the Fantastic Beasts franchise, you’ll be pleased to know they also have a bag shaped like everyone’s favourite clandestine, pickpocketing niffler in the form of a cuddly toy. An absolute must-have for any Newt Scamander followers.

    For hardcore Potterheads, the Harry Potter Noble Collection will be launching in August and will feature higher-end products such as a replica of the Firebolt broomstick and a wizard’s chess set.

    The rest is open now so apparate down to Hamley’s and ‘accio’ it all. Underage wizards – you better grab a portkey.

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