Helen Flanagan reveals that she’s pregnant with baby number two

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  • Helen Flanagan has announced that she’s pregnant with her second child.

    Speaking to OK! magazine, soap star Helen, who plays Rosie Webster in ITV favourite Coronation Street, explained that she and boyfriend Scott Sinclair hadn’t planned on adding to their family again so soon, but were thrilled with the news regardless.

    ‘It was a little bit of a surprise,’ footballer Scott admitted to the title. ‘I was away in Dubai with my family. Helen couldn’t come as she was filming. She found out on a Thursday but had to wait until I got home five days later to tell me.’

    ‘I did three more tests just to make sure it was correct!’ Helen added. ‘I had a very strong feeling I was pregnant, so I wasn’t surprised.’

    ‘I was very happy, but I was a bit taken aback as this baby wasn’t in the plan. I knew I would feel a lot better once Iā€™d told Scott.’

    Helen and Scott are already parents to daughter Matilda, whom they welcomed in June 2015.

    Helen previously revealed that she endured a gruelling three day labour to bring her little girl into the world.

    ‘Matilda was in the back-to-back position, which made it even more painful. At one point my back was hurting so much that I screamed out for the doctor to give me an epidural, ‘the new mum told OK! at the time.

    ‘I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. It made the pain I was in all worth it ā€“ she’s a dream come true.’

    In July 2016, Helen opened up about how becoming a parent had changed her outlook on life, saying during an appearance on ITV’s Loose Women: ‘[Matilda] has made me so much happier.’

    ‘It changes your priorities and you realise what’s important but I am completely besotted with her.’