Holly Willoughby hits back at This Morning guest who thinks having children is ‘selfish’

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  • Holly Willoughby has hit back at one of her guests on This Morning, after she declared parents are selfish for deciding to have children.

    Gwynn Mackellen, from California, explained how she thinks people are being ‘selfish’ when they decide to have children, because of the impact they have on the planet’s resources.

    The 31-year-old, who revealed she’s decided to be sterilised because of her beliefs and has asked all her partners to date to do the same, believes not having children can save the planet.

    Holly, who is a mother-of-three, hit back at the guest and asked her: ‘I have three children. What have I released onto the planet that is so detrimental?’

    Gwynn replied by saying that all other actions are minor after you decide to bring another human into the planet, mentioning a Swedish study that found that having one fewer child is more than 2000 times more impactful in greenhouse gas reduction than recycling.

    This Morning Gwynn thinks having children is ‘selfish’ (Credit: ITV)

    She said during her appearance on the programme: ‘All the other choices you can make are very small in comparison. Once you create that person they have their own effects and they have offspring. It’s not about not having kids it’s the impact of people.’

    Following her controversial claims, Phil asked Gwynn: ‘I’m a parent, Holly’s a parent, are we selfish?’

    To which she replied: ‘I can’t make that judgement for you, I don’t want to judge anyone else. For me, I would feel bad bringing another person into the world.’

    Discussing being sterilised, she said: ‘My current partner said if it’s so important why don’t you do it yourself. I started looking into that and took many years to find a doctor. It was a difficult process.’

    Phillip later asked her if she felt guilty about her own existence. She said: ‘I didn’t ask to be born so it wasn’t something I caused. I don’t feel that way but I feel responsible for making sure any negative impact ends in me.’

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