16 incredibly messy toddlers that will make you appreciate your kids so much more

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  • Picture this: you’ve had a really long day at work. You come home to find that whilst you thought your kids were at nursery all day, it appears that what they’ve actually been doing is mud wrestling, sticking food in each other’s ears and stomping tiny bits of plastic into the carpet. Oh goodie.

    The trail of destruction that little ones leave behind is always stressful, but no matter how bad the devastation on the home front, count your blessings that you weren’t opening the front door to THESE little tykes, who have somehow become masters of carnage all before their fifth birthdays.

    Here are 16 of the messiest kids the internet has ever pictured – trust us, these toddlers will make yours seem as domesticated as Nigella Lawson…

    1. Whatever you’re thinking, this is absolutely 100% the dog’s fault.



    2. You didn’t need to use this… did you?


    And of course it’s permanent marker, so no point wasting your time trying to get it off.

    3. This is the price you pay for putting us in matching tops.

    Image:Humor Sharing

    Uhuh. You might want to think twice next time.

    4. I was sensing I wasn’t your favourite anymore.

    Image:Humor Sharing

    Not such a good looking baby now, hey?

    5. When your non-parent friends say ‘sorry about the mess’ and you have these sorts of flashbacks…

    Image: The List TV

    Yep. Your spotless home really is digusting.

    6. Recalling many a civilised dinner-time in our household.

    Image:Humor Sharing

    Do people really still use bowls, cutlery and napkins? It seems like a distant memory…

    7. Oh. You’re home early…

    Image: Humor Sharing

    Remind me why we put carpets in here.

    8. Now I know this looks bad. But we can explain.

    Image:Humour Sharing

    Notice how their toys were miraculously saved from the whitewash.

    9. The moment you learn the difference between crayons and felt tips.


    At least we were colour coordinated?

    10. I thought about putting these in the fridge. And then I thought, no.

    Image:Modern Pioneer Mum

    I just needed to check that they were all exactly the same inside.

    11. It’s not a mess, it’s a broken ankle waiting to happen.

    Image:Modern Pioneer Mum

    On the plus side at least the anarchy is contained within four walls.

    12. It’s a good job Sudocrem comes in such large tubs otherwise he might not have been able to cover the whole screen.

    Image:The Meta Picture

    Yes. What sweet relief.

    13. Now everybody promise not to tell your mother?

    Image:Imgur Hold on, was there a fourth one of you in there?

    14. When the mess you make isn’t quite bad enough so you have to stand or take a little roll in it.


    Just to really make your point heard.

    15. Children: 1. Beanbag: 0.


    Oh that’s good, I actually didn’t have any plans for this evening, so glad you’ve sorted that out for me.

    16. Deciding there really is no point in cleaning the house until your brood have graduated and moved out.

    Image:Humor Sharing
    Until tomorrow. And you’ll start all over again.