‘It can feel quite overwhelming’ Izzy Judd opens up about treating her children’s sensitive skin

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  • Mum-of-two Izzy Judd has spoken to GoodtoKnow about how her children's sensitive skin made her feel as a mother and her best tips for treating it.

    When you have your first child every little thing can feel a bit daunting, especially when you’re faced with obstacles you hadn’t prepared for.

    Luckily Izzy, who is mum to two-year-old Lola and one-year-old Kit, was clued-up when it came to pre-washing all her children’s newborn clothes with non-bio detergent before their first wear.

    However, despite taking extra precautions, Izzy didn’t find it any easier not to worry when her children started showing sensitivity just from eating different foods or teething.

    Speaking to GoodtoKnow, Izzy explained that her husband Harry has an allergy to wool and his family have a history of eczema, but she still wasn’t prepared for just how sensitive her children’s skin would be.

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    She explained: ‘With Lola it was pretty quick. She just seemed to react very quickly to anything really. And she would have these little sore patches on her skin.  Certainly by the time I had started introducing weaning to her anything that touched the side of her mouth that was acidic or whatever, whether that be fruit or tomato sauce or whatever, she would then just come up in these sores.’

    Izzy adds that at times it’s easy to feel helpless: ‘It wasn’t an internal allergy it was just purely sensitive skin.

    ‘I remember just feeling in a bit of a tizz with it all because you want to just fix the situation and I think as a mum you sort of want your child, if they have sores and things, you just sort of want to make it all better.’

    Like many new parents, Izzy admits to rushing to the doctors to check everything is okay and that it’s nothing more serious as ‘rashes are quite frightening’.

    After using the Aveeno baby products, Izzy reveals that she saw a noticeable improvement in Lola’s skin. She has also adopted a regular routine with both the children, creating a daily barrier for their skin, which she thinks has helped ensure Kit’s skin never flares up as bad as Lola’s did.

    She explains: ‘It was a pretty immediate response, especially with Kit actually. Although his skin isn’t, it doesn’t react quite as quickly as Lola but then I wonder if it is because I have actually made sure that I have maintained a skincare routine right from the beginning.

    ‘Aveeno acts as a barrier so it is really protecting the skin. I think with Kit I have just been more on top of it having realised that they are both a bit sensitive.’

    Izzy uses the Aveeno Baby Daily Care baby hair & body wash which she uses in the bath as well the Aveeno Baby daily care baby moisturising lotion.

    Aveeno baby range

    For parents who are worried about their children’s skin, Izzy stresses to set up your own routine and stick to it.

    She explained: ‘Stick to a regime that works for you and understand that it’s not always a case of putting something on their skin to fix the problem but you are putting a barrier up for their sensitive skin which I hadn’t really understood.’

    Do you have any tips for treating sensitive skin? What works for your family? Head your to our Facebook page to share your tips! 

    Izzy is a brand ambassador for Aveeno Baby.

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